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Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society is currently hosting a member of FILU at the Family Wellness Center monthly. If you have any questions or concerns or need help in navigating issues surrounding the inquiry and MMIWG please call the (403) 531-1880 ext. 100 for further information on session dates and availability or (587) 984-7846 to reach Janice Randhile directly. 

BIO- Janice Randhile

Janice Randhile is Plains Cree and is registered with Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation in Alberta, and is a direct descendant of the Papaschase people. Janice dedicates her time to her community as a helper. She is committed to the healing of the people and future generations.  With her position as a Family Information Liaison Officer (FILU) for Justice Solicitor General, Victim Services, Indigenous Programs, Janice provides support to the family members of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls.  As a FILU Janice helps families navigate the provincial process as well as connect families with what resources and services that they require based on their individual needs and or help connect them with the National Inquiry to make their statement and speak their truths for the hearings which occurred in November of 2017. As a FILU, relationship building is key and Janice works diligently to build positive relationships with the families, Indigenous Communities, stakeholders, and police services.   


Family Information Liaison Unit

 The Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU) was established to remove barriers and ensure the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women can get the information and support they need and deserve. This is a one-stop information and support service for families of missing and murdered Indigenous women. The FILU is a liaison between families and other resources like police, the justice system and social agencies. Rather than referring families to these other services, the FILU will do the legwork on their behalf and gather information about their case and connect them with supports.


FILU Poster.

What is the Inquiry? 





How am I able to get involved with the MMIW inquiry?





What can the National Inquiry do? What can they not do?




Is there an organization that can help me?


The following is information for the Alberta Family Information Liason Unit. They provide help and support for families of missing and murdered indigneous women and girls.




To all families and survivors in Alberta:
The National Inquiry will have a team consisting of community relations, legal and health in Edmonton, the week of September 5, 2017. The teams will be reaching out to individuals and families in Edmonton who are willing to participate in the National Inquiry.


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